Once again, unsurprisingly, I am baffled.  My state’s AG today joined the lawsuit against the Obama administration’s new requirement that all employers (excepting some actual religious institutions like churches) cover contraception in the health plans they offer their employees.

There are numerous reasons that I think the requirement makes sense that have been enumerated in many other places.

One thing I do want to ask, though, is what is wrong with options?  It’s not like you’re forcing women that you employ to *TAKE* contraception.  You’re merely required to cover it if they do want to go that route.  I hear the argument that it’s not fair to force an organization to pay for something that runs counter to its beliefs, however, I respectfully disagree.  I expect, for instance, tobacco companies to cover prescription smoking cessation drugs in their plans.  There are religious organizations that are very strongly opposed to mental health treatments, but I expect them to cover prescription mental health drugs too.

An organization should never be allowed to put its beliefs or its bottom line above its employee’s health, it’s that simple.