The enemy of democracy is not communism.  It’s not Socialism.  It’s not republicans or democrats.  It’s not a religion, an ethos or an ideology.

The enemy of democracy is apathy.

In today’s splintered media world, where if people consume any serious media at all it’s likely to be media that they ‘agree with’, there are fewer and fewer unbiased sources of data.  If people don’t make a serious effort to stay informed, then they’re probably getting their information from Saturday Night Live or the Daily Show.  That’s not democracy.

I know, I know, we’re not technically a democracy, we’re a republic or maybe a representative democracy…. My point remains the same.

Is there any wonder that in an America where it’s getting harder and harder to stay informed that government officals are being more and more affected by lobbying interests?  Sure money talks, I don’t deny that.  But if you have a lobbyist talking in one ear and a horde of apathetic constituents back home that can’t even be bothered to be aware of what’s going on… what do you think you’re going to do?

That being said, the forces of democracy in its American best form came out strong on the PIPA/SOPA thing, there’s no question about that.  That’s how it’s supposed to work.  The people make their opinion clear and the government responds.  If only we had that kind of participation every day.

A wiser man than me once said that people should not be afraid of their government; government should be afraid of its people.  In this case, I’d substitute responsive for afraid, but the idea is similar.  When people can be shocked out of their apathy by their favorite internet sites being unavailable, that gives me hope that it’s not too late.