I’ve been using freecycle a lot recently both to unload stuff I no longer need and to fill in some gaps I had as I flesh out my new house. (One day I’ll rant about the usage of “flush” instead of flesh in the previous sentence, I promise!)  It amazes me to see the stuff that freecycle is able to redistribute.  I strongly encourage you to offer anything you’re considering getting rid of on a site like freecycle or craigslist:free before putting something at the curb. 

Anyway, I bought a George Foreman grill a few years ago and used it, maybe, four times.  One day I plugged it in and the light lit up, but the grill wouldn’t heat up.  I scoured the web for suggestions, but the best I could come up with was ‘buy a new one’.  They’re simply not designed to be repairable.  So I took a perfectly good grill that hadn’t even been used enough to get properly seasoned and put it at the curb  (this was before I used freecycle).  Isn’t it crazy that we’ve come to that as a society?  That we make products like a grill that are intended to be used for maybe a year or two and then junked?  Does that seem crazy to anyone but me? 

So I was frustrated.  I took it apart and tried to find something wrong inside, but ultimately decided that the circuit board was the problem.  Even if I could have found someone to repair it, I find it highly unlikely that they could have done so for even twice the price of a new grill.  Some day, the greatest natural resource left on earth will be North American dumps.

Oh, and I didn’t replace the grill.